Before the battle starts every player can choose from his own configurations and see the competitor’s choices. The competitors Mech configurations will be shown with all stats and short guides about strengths and weaknesses.  After 60 seconds the selection process stops and the last selection will be used for the game.

The battle will be hold in a classical MOBA manner. The player can eliminate enemy units and Mechs.

The main base consists of several defense structures and one factory, which builds units automatically.  At the beginning every player should try to conquer as much factories as possible. The factories are defended by neutral guard towers and units, which have to be destroyed. The guard tower can be rebuilt. In construction times the factory is not defended and enemy units can attack and destroy it.

After the first factories are conquered additional units will spawn and move out on the lane to the enemy base. For every conquered factory the main factory will produce one unit of the scheduled type.


For eliminating enemies and conquering factories the Mech earns experience. In Mech configuration dependent steps the Mech gains a new level. Every level will deliver one point, that can be invested in stats or abilities. Every Mech will develop a unique play style according to its configuration.

The player has the ability to pick up some units and form a squad with these units. These units will follow the Mech and attack enemy targets in range. The player can command these units to defend a position on the map, return to base and release them to move on the lane again.


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