Mechs are the central actors of the game. Their configuration and paired unit types will drastically influence the game.

Mechs types, weapons and tools can be combined individually. Every weapon and tool of each mech will have requirements to energy generation output, engine torque and computer processing power (these are the equivalents to fantasy game attributes like agility, strength and intelligence). Three slots are available on every mech for installing a power generator, engine and processor. Only one of them can be improved. For example, by integrating a more powerful processor. In that case energy and engine power will be reduced:


OR an alternative configuration will result in this:


These are the main stats of a Mech. Every equipped tool and weapon will decrease them. Heavier and more complex weapons and tools will use more capacity. Lighter and simple equipment will use less capacity. Every player needs to evaluate his Mech configuration and create a balance between stats and equipment to be effective early game.

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