The usable weapon and item categories are constrained by mech types. The type will additionally determine available slots and carrying capabilities. A mech can be one of the following types:

  • Light Mech: Are fast and agile actors, that can carry light and energy weapons. Light mechs are used in early game to control the map and eliminate units.
    The usable equipment amount is limited, but this guarantees high resource availability, which results in huge stat bonuses on game start. This will make the light mech superior to other Mech types in early game

  • Medium Mech: Are strong and good equipped mechs. The medium mech can use every equipment category. Medium mechs are effective mech eliminators and tend to be dominant in mid-game. The medium Mechs will scale slower but constantly.

  • Heavy Mech: Are overwhelmingly strong and massively equipped Mechs. They scale very slow but dominate the end-game. They can eliminate mech groups and destroy the enemy base. To reach this state heavy mechs must be protected and supported by teammates early-game.

Every type of Mech can hold a different amount of equipment. The usable power sources, engines and processors are the same for all types.

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