All play modes and games can be restricted by the game creator. By integrating filters, joining players can be controlled and matches with proper team players can be made possible. Besides these restrictions different game modes exists:

  • Unranked game: A normal game that will be hold to gain some experience and have some fun.
  • Ranked game: Game stats will be saved and included in the player’s ranking. The player can fight in different competitions and leagues. The difference to a normal game is the equipment exchange. Each player of the winning team will be rewarded (the weakest) one equipment from every Mech of the defeated team. This exchange guarantees item exchange between the community and gives a huge motivation to win the game. The lost item can be retrieved, for example, by waiting an amount of time.
  • Arena game: Will be the same as the ranked game. Instead of removing one equipment on loss, the whole Mech will be lost when defeated (permadeath). These kinds of games will be logged and presented in (live) channels. Clans that are in dispute can solve their problems in the arena. The arena will be the most dangerous place for players in MECH WARS! This playmode will be optional and only used by pro gamers, who love risk.  
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