The battle ready Mech needs to be combined with a unit squad. Unit squads are a collection of unit (creep) types, that are built in the automated factories. Factories that are conquered by the player will produce these selected units. Units are separated into following categories:

  • SOLDIERS: Are unarmored units, that are cheap and accessible in early game. The soldier specialization (anti-soldier, anti-tank, anti-mech) will determine strength and weaknesses. Soldiers are vulnerable to projectile weapons, but have a resistance to energy weapons.
  • LIGHT TANKS: Are light armored vehicles, that are fast and good against soldiers.
  • HEAVY TANKS: are heavy armored vehicles, that are slow but durable. They are effective against other vehicles. In groups they can as well be dangerous to Mechs. 

Units can be improved in a crafting menu like equipment, resulting in more individual stats.

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