Every Mech type can hold different amounts of weapons and items. Some slots are suitable for heavier weapons; some are limited to light weapons. The weapon type will define its basic attributes:

  • Light Weapons: shoot projectiles. These weapons have less stat requirements. The usage of light weapons will keep stat bonuses high early game.
    The light weapons have advantages in attack rates and are excellently suited for unit (creep) elimination. These weapons have a low range and an average damage output.
    Light weapons are mainly used by scouts, anti-creeps, support or hit and run players.
    Examples: Machine Gun, Gatling, Cannon, Light Missile Launcher, Grenade Launcher

  • Heavy Weapons: Are also projectile based. These weapons have high requirements to CPU and engine. This will lower the starting stats. The advantage of heavy weapons is the convenient attack range and high damage output, at a cost of low attack rates. Heavy weapons cannot be carried by light Mechs.
    Heavy weapons are used by anti Mechs, AoE damage dealers(Area of Effect), ranged attackers.
    Examples: Heavy Cannon, Heavy Missile Launcher, Sniper, Minigun

  • Energy Weapons: Are energy based, armor piercing weapons with medium damage output. These weapons have an average attack rate and range. The CPU and energy supply requirements are high.
    They are mostly used by universal-combaters, anti-creeps and supports.
    Examples: Laser Cannon, Laser Gatling, Phaser, Plasma Cannon, Railgun

Every weapon (and item) will provide an unique ability. Every Mech will have a maximum of 5 slots for abilities. The player has to fill these slots with abilities enabled by equipped weapons (and tools).

Tools are support equipment increasing stats and enabling special abilities. The tool slot count is much lower compared to other slots. Abilities are described in detail later.


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