The game provides a full single player campaign, which is narrated from different perspectives. Three factions fight for victory:
– The wealthy Alliance, a union isolated in mega-cities, last remaining huge infrastructure in the polluted nuclear barrens.
– The poor Resistance, that lives in the deserts and is hardened by its unforgiving nature, they collect old technology and improve those, tinkering to survive.
– The Unknown living in the forbidden area, polluted that heavily that no man could ever return to tell a story about the mysterious and dangerous land.

All factions insist on forcing their beliefs and ideologies on each other to rebuild the new world out of the ruins of a nuclear disaster.

The single player campaign tells the story of the Alliance and their endeavor to conquer all lands. As a young general you have to reconquer, what rightfully belongs the Alliance.

The single player mode includes an extensive and immersive story, with dozens of characters. The missions are rich in variety: from crusades to rescue missions over revealing the truth. Players that accomplish missions will be rewarded with exclusive items, weapons and Mech-Parts.
The gameplay is similar to the multiplayer part. The player will conquer factories, build creeps and destroy the enemies.

The possibility for coop gaming will make the single player campaign even better. The normal campaigns will be playable with up to 2 players. Alongside with the normal campaigns the game will provide exclusive coop campaigns with up to 6 players. The most interesting part is the PvP coop campaign (3vs3),  in that the players can fight in teams against each other.

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