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The game provides a full single player campaign, which is narrated from different perspectives. Three factions fight for victory:
– The wealthy Alliance, a union isolated in mega-cities, last remaining huge infrastructure in the polluted nuclear barrens.
– The poor Resistance, that lives in the deserts and is hardened by its unforgiving nature, they collect old technology and improve those, tinkering to survive.
– The Unknown living in the forbidden area, polluted that heavily that no man could ever return to tell a story about the mysterious and dangerous land.

All factions insist on forcing their beliefs and ideologies on each other to rebuild the new world out of the ruins of a nuclear disaster.

The single player campaign tells the story of the Alliance and their endeavor to conquer all lands. As a young general you have to reconquer, what rightfully belongs the Alliance.

The single player mode includes an extensive and immersive story, with dozens of characters. The missions are rich in variety: from crusades to rescue missions over revealing the truth. Players that accomplish missions will be rewarded with exclusive items, weapons and Mech-Parts.
The gameplay is similar to the multiplayer part. The player will conquer factories, build creeps and destroy the enemies.

The possibility for coop gaming will make the single player campaign even better. The normal campaigns will be playable with up to 2 players. Alongside with the normal campaigns the game will provide exclusive coop campaigns with up to 6 players. The most interesting part is the PvP coop campaign (3vs3),  in that the players can fight in teams against each other.

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All play modes and games can be restricted by the game creator. By integrating filters, joining players can be controlled and matches with proper team players can be made possible. Besides these restrictions different game modes exists:

  • Unranked game: A normal game that will be hold to gain some experience and have some fun.
  • Ranked game: Game stats will be saved and included in the player’s ranking. The player can fight in different competitions and leagues. The difference to a normal game is the equipment exchange. Each player of the winning team will be rewarded (the weakest) one equipment from every Mech of the defeated team. This exchange guarantees item exchange between the community and gives a huge motivation to win the game. The lost item can be retrieved, for example, by waiting an amount of time.
  • Arena game: Will be the same as the ranked game. Instead of removing one equipment on loss, the whole Mech will be lost when defeated (permadeath). These kinds of games will be logged and presented in (live) channels. Clans that are in dispute can solve their problems in the arena. The arena will be the most dangerous place for players in MECH WARS! This playmode will be optional and only used by pro gamers, who love risk.  
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The group that destroys the enemy base wins the game. To achieve this goal, the players firstly have to destroy the enemy factories and attack the base cooperatively. This goal can be achieved in different ways:

  • By dominating the factories
  • By leveling up heavy mechs and frontally attacking the enemies base.
  • By eliminating enemy mechs and preventing them from supporting units.
  • Feel free to invent more winning styles on game release!

The success will depend on preparation (mech building and creep selection) and team play.

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As in other MOBA games an item shop will provide items. These items can be consumed to increase stats over a period of time, repair the robot or permanently increase stats. The items can be bought with a currency (Radiation), which can be earned by eliminating enemy units and mechs. In contrast to other MOBA games the items can only support the Mech. Items will not do a heavy impact on the gameplay. The Mech configuration is the central function for improvements and optimizations.

To improve the Mechs configuration the shop provides upgrade kits for equipped weapons. Every weapon can be upgraded and improved with a kit. The upgrade kits are available as a Mechs level increases. The upgrade will increase damage and bonuses of each weapon.

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Before the battle starts every player can choose from his own configurations and see the competitor’s choices. The competitors Mech configurations will be shown with all stats and short guides about strengths and weaknesses.  After 60 seconds the selection process stops and the last selection will be used for the game.

The battle will be hold in a classical MOBA manner. The player can eliminate enemy units and Mechs.

The main base consists of several defense structures and one factory, which builds units automatically.  At the beginning every player should try to conquer as much factories as possible. The factories are defended by neutral guard towers and units, which have to be destroyed. The guard tower can be rebuilt. In construction times the factory is not defended and enemy units can attack and destroy it.

After the first factories are conquered additional units will spawn and move out on the lane to the enemy base. For every conquered factory the main factory will produce one unit of the scheduled type.


For eliminating enemies and conquering factories the Mech earns experience. In Mech configuration dependent steps the Mech gains a new level. Every level will deliver one point, that can be invested in stats or abilities. Every Mech will develop a unique play style according to its configuration.

The player has the ability to pick up some units and form a squad with these units. These units will follow the Mech and attack enemy targets in range. The player can command these units to defend a position on the map, return to base and release them to move on the lane again.


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The battle ready Mech needs to be combined with a unit squad. Unit squads are a collection of unit (creep) types, that are built in the automated factories. Factories that are conquered by the player will produce these selected units. Units are separated into following categories:

  • SOLDIERS: Are unarmored units, that are cheap and accessible in early game. The soldier specialization (anti-soldier, anti-tank, anti-mech) will determine strength and weaknesses. Soldiers are vulnerable to projectile weapons, but have a resistance to energy weapons.
  • LIGHT TANKS: Are light armored vehicles, that are fast and good against soldiers.
  • HEAVY TANKS: are heavy armored vehicles, that are slow but durable. They are effective against other vehicles. In groups they can as well be dangerous to Mechs. 

Units can be improved in a crafting menu like equipment, resulting in more individual stats.

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Equipment can be created, improved and modified in a crafting menu. By combining items and weapons, specialties and advantages can be transferred to the new equipment. Created weapons will have unique attributes. Resulting parts will have different models and textures. This will enable stronger individualization and different play styles.


The crafted material will not be more powerful than the original used equipment. The stats will be shifted and new usage areas will be covered. The same equipment stat system will be used as described previously.

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To enable maximum balance and enable player equality we introduced our stat system. This system will provide a circle, that is divided into three main areas with overlapping in-between areas.

The areas represent the bonus damage for one particular armor type. A weapon will only have a maximum of two bonuses. Weapons can move between two areas. They will address both armor types, but this will split the resulting damage bonus between the armor types.  Specialized weapons will have a stronger bonus in one category.

The closer a weapon is to the border, the stronger the weapon will be, but the higher the requirements will get.

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