Every Mech type can hold different amounts of weapons and items. Some slots are suitable for heavier weapons; some are limited to light weapons. The weapon type will define its basic attributes:

  • Light Weapons: shoot projectiles. These weapons have less stat requirements. The usage of light weapons will keep stat bonuses high early game.
    The light weapons have advantages in attack rates and are excellently suited for unit (creep) elimination. These weapons have a low range and an average damage output.
    Light weapons are mainly used by scouts, anti-creeps, support or hit and run players.
    Examples: Machine Gun, Gatling, Cannon, Light Missile Launcher, Grenade Launcher

  • Heavy Weapons: Are also projectile based. These weapons have high requirements to CPU and engine. This will lower the starting stats. The advantage of heavy weapons is the convenient attack range and high damage output, at a cost of low attack rates. Heavy weapons cannot be carried by light Mechs.
    Heavy weapons are used by anti Mechs, AoE damage dealers(Area of Effect), ranged attackers.
    Examples: Heavy Cannon, Heavy Missile Launcher, Sniper, Minigun

  • Energy Weapons: Are energy based, armor piercing weapons with medium damage output. These weapons have an average attack rate and range. The CPU and energy supply requirements are high.
    They are mostly used by universal-combaters, anti-creeps and supports.
    Examples: Laser Cannon, Laser Gatling, Phaser, Plasma Cannon, Railgun

Every weapon (and item) will provide an unique ability. Every Mech will have a maximum of 5 slots for abilities. The player has to fill these slots with abilities enabled by equipped weapons (and tools).

Tools are support equipment increasing stats and enabling special abilities. The tool slot count is much lower compared to other slots. Abilities are described in detail later.


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The usable weapon and item categories are constrained by mech types. The type will additionally determine available slots and carrying capabilities. A mech can be one of the following types:

  • Light Mech: Are fast and agile actors, that can carry light and energy weapons. Light mechs are used in early game to control the map and eliminate units.
    The usable equipment amount is limited, but this guarantees high resource availability, which results in huge stat bonuses on game start. This will make the light mech superior to other Mech types in early game

  • Medium Mech: Are strong and good equipped mechs. The medium mech can use every equipment category. Medium mechs are effective mech eliminators and tend to be dominant in mid-game. The medium Mechs will scale slower but constantly.

  • Heavy Mech: Are overwhelmingly strong and massively equipped Mechs. They scale very slow but dominate the end-game. They can eliminate mech groups and destroy the enemy base. To reach this state heavy mechs must be protected and supported by teammates early-game.

Every type of Mech can hold a different amount of equipment. The usable power sources, engines and processors are the same for all types.

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Every stat results in a bonus in the battle phase:

  • Energy: Increases ability power regeneration (consumed by special abilities [mana]), health regeneration and attack Speed.
  • Torque: Increases movement speed, health points and armor points (for damage reduction).
  • MIPS: Increases available ability power, increased experience gain, increased weapon precision.

The stats go up with each level. The starting amount of stats will determine the bonus in early game.

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Mechs are the central actors of the game. Their configuration and paired unit types will drastically influence the game.

Mechs types, weapons and tools can be combined individually. Every weapon and tool of each mech will have requirements to energy generation output, engine torque and computer processing power (these are the equivalents to fantasy game attributes like agility, strength and intelligence). Three slots are available on every mech for installing a power generator, engine and processor. Only one of them can be improved. For example, by integrating a more powerful processor. In that case energy and engine power will be reduced:


OR an alternative configuration will result in this:


These are the main stats of a Mech. Every equipped tool and weapon will decrease them. Heavier and more complex weapons and tools will use more capacity. Lighter and simple equipment will use less capacity. Every player needs to evaluate his Mech configuration and create a balance between stats and equipment to be effective early game.

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Nobody remembers the earth before the nuclear holocaust. For generations mankind has fought for the last resources on the planet.

Not only dust and destruction was left behind in the nuclear war. Automated factories all over the world still produce automated units waiting to be commanded. The weapons of the old world are now used to contest in a new conflict.

The modern war leaves behind more dust and scrap. To succeed in battle a much mightier and more powerful weapon is being created: the MECHs. An ultimate weapon, that will dominate its enemies, will end a never ending conflict.  

The high technology weaponry initiated a fierce global competition. In huge workshops mechs are being designed, built and optimized. Resources are limited, old technology needs to be recycled in a process in which trash evolves into a powerful weapon.

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The game progresses in two phases. In the first phase mechs are built and prepared for combat. Afterwards every mech is provided with a unit squad (creeps). Unit types will be built by the automated factories, which have to be conquered by the player. The right mech and unit configuration is mandatory to dominate the battlefield.

In the second phase, which is the battle phase, every player uses his armed forces to battle the enemy.


Building Phase

The player has to find the right Mech configuration and save them for later usage in battles. Every mech configuration has benefits and disadvantages. The sum of equipment will determine the Mechs character. An heavily armed mech will be weak in early game, but evolve into a superior Mech destroyer later on. A lightly armed and fast Mech, is strong at the beginning and can crush creeps easily while losing effectiveness in end game. An example set of equipment and configurations will be presented in the next section.

The mech is supported by units (creeps). The unit types can be chosen by the player and saved together with a mech configuration. The weakness of a certain mech type can be compensated by the right unit squad configuration.


Battlefield Phase

The map consists of different lanes connecting the player’s base on one side and the enemies base on the other. Each lane has byroads that lead to automated factories. The player has to conquer these factories to build more complex units. Every factory is guarded by a  neutral defensive structure. Factories can be reconquered or completely destroyed during the whole gameplay.

Fast expansion and conquering factories is mandatory for being in advantage. However a player with less factories still has the possibility to compensate his disadvantage by  working closer with his teammates.

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